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Harmonica Lessons: "Bonanza" - G Harp

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But seriously
folks [LAUGH].
So that's the William Tell Overture.
Everyone knows that.
On a harmonica it's really
kind of a weird thing to play
I was doing [SOUND] like
that inside my mouth.
Or you can do
form of tonguing.
So it's a way of introducing you
to great TV themes from the past.
And the Bonanza theme,
which is the first one we're gonna play,
ripped off the William Tell Overture,
the sound of horses galloping,
[SOUND] and used it as part
of the melody of the theme.
Now all of you who are not too
young probably have heard this,
even on reruns, this theme
Our wonderful instrument, it's very
hard to play it in the bottom octave.
So I'm going to teach it to you.
If your a basic player,
I want to make this as easy as possible so
you can actually play these things and
entertain your friends.
So you start on the sixth hole blow
in first position on a G harp.
And then it goes
I took it down to that octave there
because it's easier than trying to play
You can try it there, on the top,
from seven blow to nine draw.
And then you have to go back up to the top
or stay there, wherever you played that.
So that's eight and
nine blow [SOUND] then seven blow [SOUND].
So you do this smoothly
[NOISE] on one breath.
Then jump to seven
And then six draw, seven blow
Five draw
That's real easy.
Six, seven, and eight blow in a row
Back to seven
And then
Weird little theme,
it's got a strange amount of bars in it.
And now I'm going to [COUGH] perform
it for you, in all seriousness.
So here we go.
Big finish.
So that's Bonanza.
And now if my orchestra would
be kind enough to play it again,
I'm going to play it down
the octave with some bends.
Just to show you that it can
be done there too, okay?
Thousands cheered, but
you can amuse your friends and
your enemies with music like this
on a harmonica so have fun with it.