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Harmonica Lessons: "Let it Snow"

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Hey everybody.
We're gonna play a very famous
American Christmas song.
I know that some of you living in Brazil
don't have quite the same type of
Christmas celebrations as we do here.
In this incredibly cold weather that we
have cuz there's lots of snow that falls,
especially in Chicago in the winter,
and this song's called Let it Snow.
There's tons of these songs written.
They're like showbiz tunes,
they're not religious songs at all.
It's winter song.
So this one
is in the key of F.
Very standard kind of 1950s chord
progression, and then it goes into,
all of a sudden,
it goes into the key of the five.
It goes into C
and then it does a little.
It goes from G seven to C.
D seven to G seven to C seven.
It's a nice little modulation
back to the original key.
So I'm gonna play it in
cross harp on a B flat
harmonica because the melody
fits really well there.
And you only need one overblow, which is
the fifth hole overblow, to play F major.
And then when it goes into C,
you're in third position major.
So this requires
a lot of attention
to intonation.
here's the
It plays twice, A, A,
B, A, and here's the B.
See, if you play it well,
[LAUGH] I lost my concentration
there a little, trying
to play both instruments.
But if you play it well,
it's very convincing.
there kind
of jazzy
And so a lot of American jazz musicians
put out these Christmas records,
where they play these sort of standards.
They're like jazz standards that
when you do play Christmas parties
in the States you play these tunes.
And everyone is looking at each other
like, how does the bridge go to this one?
Because you only play it once a year.
[LAUGH] If you play a lot
of Christmas parties
maybe you'll play it ten
times a year in one week.
So I made up a little accompaniment part.
And I'm gonna play it for
you by the magic of digital
technology right now by pushing
a button on my keyboard.
So I
bit of
a jazz
It's a bit of a challenge for
you to play along,
some of you to play along with the track.
I actually forgot what I had done on the
end of it, but it's kind of artistic and
I hope that some of you have
fun playing along with this.
Or if you want a more standard version of
it, you can probably find that on one of
the many website's that you've
all learned how to locate.
So, anyway, happy holidays to you all
whether you are celebrating Hanukkah,
Christmas, Diwali, Kwanza,
whatever it might be,
whether it's warm or hot,
if you're sitting in front of a fire,
if you're tanning yourself under the
tropical sun, all my best wishes to you.