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Harmonica Lessons: "Moanin"

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This is a great tune by the piano player
Bobby Timmons, who played with
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers,
one of the most important hard
bop bands of the late 50s,
through the 60s,
through the 70s, into the 80s.
Blakey lived a long time,
was one of the truly great jazz
drummers with his own style.
You hear four bars of Art Blakey,
he playing a shuffle and
you know that it's him.
And this was an actual hit song
that a lot of people know.
It's called Moanin'.
And the theme was played by
the piano player
Sort of like soul jazz.
And the horn players will
They had little be dop doo dop, but
the lick is such a harmonica lick.
I mean even
it's doubled.
And it's.
I can go a bit,
play this blues licks starting
on the fourth hole draw bend.
then at the end switch from
two draw to three blow.
It almost sounds like he
heard a harmonica player,
and wrote this tune from it.
It's called Moanin'.
And we do a lot of that on here.
So this tune, to play the melody of it,
requires no over blows at all.
I'm going to try my best I mean, the solo
course is to not use any over blows.
It's real hard for me to do that because
it's a jazz tune and it has more,
you know extended harmonies that
I'd like to play more accurately.
But I'm going to try to keep
this as an intermediate tune.
So it's A, A, B,
A in F minor using a B flat harp.
We're going to play in the minor
key in cross harp,
So you have to have a lot of
control over the third hole draw.
[SOUND] That's major.
[SOUND] That's minor.
So third hole draw bent down a half step.
So a
Very simple lick.
And then the bridge.
It's all
like perfect for
the harmonica.
So, I played the melody on the piano, so
you can play the fills in between like
on the recording, or you can choose to,
if you would like, to play
the melody along with my piano line.
So, here it goes.
a lick
in the
I let
a tag.
Played the last figure three
times in addition at the end,
which is a very common thing in jazz.
And then to hit the five chord.
And you can play a blues lick.
And I confine myself to just bends and
blows and draws and
try to play as many jazzy notes as
I could without the over blows.
Maybe I'll put out a second
version of this for
those of you who can play over blows.
And for those of you who can,
feel free to play along with this tune and
send me a video of it.
Okay thanks very much.