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Harmonica Lessons: "Sunny"

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It's called Sunny, and
this was a big hit when I was in school,
back when I was a kid.
It started out with this baseline.
It's just
in E minor, E, G7.
So the first chord is E minor,
G7, C major 7.
To a F sharp half diminished to a B7.
It did that twice, and
it had the same melody
it's a minor pentatonic
and for that reason,
I'm gonna try to play it on an A harp.
Now, this is play in A harp
naturally plays blues in E.
But this is minor cross harp.
to play
the melody
you have to
bend the 3rd
hole draw
down a half
so, very
Just like a blues lick.
You can make it a little
bit bluesier because the fourth
time that it repeats,
it's just a 16 bar tune.
It goes
and that's an F, an F major 7 but
a lot of people who've played
the tune since then play it in F7 and
it makes it a bluesier sound.
So basically, the tune just has a few
chords that surround the tonic.
E minor, G7, C major 7,
B7 twice,
and then the third time,
C, and then that F7 flat 5 and
then 2, 5, 1.
And what the original did, the original
kept going up in half steps because
the song is so simple,
it's just that over and over again.
And as the lyrics got more intense,
Bobby Hebb sang all about Sunny,
about how great she was and
how she saved his life,
all that stuff that very
dramatic stuff of a guy and
his first love and
this women made his life make sense.
And every time that he sings
a little bit more intensely, Sunny.
All of the things that he
has to thank her for, right.
For us here,
we're just gonna stay in one key.
And I'm just gonna play it in
E minor on an A harmonica,
and then I'm gonna play it
in E minor on a C harp.
Whoops, that's a B flat harp,
where's the C?
Here it goes.
That's what is called fifth position
which naturally is the Phrygian mode.
So for all of you guys,
you have avoid that chord until
the F chord comes,
you can play, hit that note.
The minor pentatonic blues lick.
And then in D, it's in third position
so, I'm just gonna press the button on
the little sequence that I made and
away we go.
low on
the A
a C
a D
a little
vamp out for
you guys
to fool
So you see it sounds really good on
any of these harps and
it's a very even to call,
if you're sitting in with some band it's
kind of a rock jazz standard
that a lot of people know.
So it's good for intermediate players or
obviously advanced players as
you could here when I was
playing it on the C harmonica.
So, good luck and enjoy.