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Popular Piano Lessons: Edelweiss - B Section

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All right, let's work on the next
section with our right hand alone.
Let's find the first note.
You [SOUND] great [SOUND] big.
[SOUND] Now, this is gonna be a [SOUND]
C right above that B over here.
[SOUND] Again, it's dotted, so
the next note is gonna be kinda fast here.
We'll go down to an F.
[SOUND] Now, because we have to
reach down to some lower notes,
I'm wanna position my hand.
So, I'm gonna squeeze this fourth
finger [SOUND] to this A here.
[SOUND] And then I'll have room
to move down to the D [SOUND] and
up to this B flat.
[SOUND] Let's play that again, more or
less in rhythmic context.
One, ready and one, [SOUND] two,
[SOUND] three, [SOUND] squish.
[SOUND] Space to space, [SOUND] space
to space [SOUND] to the B flat.
[SOUND] Let's take a look at how the left
hand sounds underneath that melody.
Okay, now, the left hand starts
at the bottom of the F clef staff.
So A Fall Down Ball Game,
right below that is the F, okay,
skip two spaces to that note, skip
a space to the E, which becomes E flat,
as indicated here,
it's a bit of a stretch here.
One, ready and, remembering to hold
the bottom note for pedalization.
It's the same repeated the next measure.
Now A Fall Down Ball,
this will be a B with a flat next to it.
And then the same notes but, one at
a time with these three quarter notes.
So, let's hear that again
in rhythmic context.
One, ready, and.
One, two, three.
Two, three.
Ok now let's practice that with
the pedal and pedalized fingers.
One ready and.
Boy pedalized
fingers makes it so
much easier to add your pedaling in.
I don't have to feel like I'm rushing my
foot in quite as quickly as if I were to
jump and catch a really fast moving note.
Let's put that all together.
Right hand and left hand.
All right.
Remember, right hand on C.
Left hand on that bottom F over here.
Nice and slow so you can hear
how the rhythm works together.
Ready and.
All right,
let's practice
that again, but
with the pedal.
Right hand on the C,
left hand on F, with pedal.
I'm gonna push the pedal down first
to simulate what we have just
approached from.
One, ready and change
Good, let's take a look at the rest
of the B section, right hand alone.
Okay, I always like to
approach new sections from before.
Let's just quickly review what we
just learned on the right hand and
then go on to the next section.
So, once again,
C right hand with the pinky.
Okay, now,
we're going to move the second
finger up a bit to the G over here.
B-flat again.
One, two, three,
one, two, three.
Not too difficult.
Let's take a look at what the left
hand is doing while the right hand is
playing that.
Just like we did with the right hand,
let's take a look at the left
hand in the previous section and
then lead into this new section.
Once again,
left hand F down at the bottom here.
Here we go.
Up to the B-flat with the fourth finger.
Now, slow.
One, two, three.
Now, this is an E-flat,
space, space, B-flat.
Now, the E becomes an E natural.
We move this up to a C.
And now we're at F-clef F.
F and then the line above,
which is C, of course.
Let's do that again in rhythmic context.
One, ready, and
three, one, two,
to an E-flat.
And E natural, and up.
Now, up to an F.
Okay, again noticing that I am
pedalizing my first notes
as long as possible.
Now, with the pedal.
Pushing the pedal down first,
I'll change on the first note.
Now, let's put it all together.
Once again leading in from before with
both hands, and
we'll add into the next section.
Right-hand C, left-hand F.
One with the pedal.
[LAUGH] One, ready, and.
Squish here.
Moving up to the B flat.
A little B flat here.
And B natural with the left-hand.
Moving up to the F.
One more time without me
telling you everything.
Let's see, if you can do this on your own.
One, ready, and.
Now it's the ending!