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Popular Piano Lessons: Edelweiss - A3 Section

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Now let's get to the ending of Edelweiss.
The right hand notes are pretty much
the same as we ended in the A section.
The main difference is in the left hand.
So let's take a look at the new left
hand notes to close this piece.
Left hand starting on a B flat over here.
Line to line moving down to this A flat.
Remember to use all four fingers to
travel down
and now G flat,
finally move to the fifth finger
on this F.
Okay stay on the F with the fifth finger
and you move up with these two notes here.
And then the left hand goes back to
a B flat with the fourth finger here.
All right, let's play that
again now in rhythmic context.
One ready and.
And, one, two,
three, three, two,
three, one, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Now let's do this
with the pedal.
Push the pedal down to start, and
we'll change it as soon as we
start the left hand notes.
One, ready, and.
Three, change, two, three.
Change, two, three.
Change, two, three.
Change, two, three.
Good, now let's add the right
hand notes to this ending.
All right,
here we go.
Right hand, starting on the D,
just like the beginning.
Left hand on B flat, okay.
I'm gonna play this with the pedals,
since you've already learned most of this.
It's just a few more new
notes on the left hand.
So with the pedal pushed down already,
we'll change on the first notes of
right hand and left hand together.
One ready and.
Slide down
to the one.
Back to a B flat in the left hand.
Two, three.
Good, one more time for practice,
and without me making any comments.
See if you can follow along, right hand,
left hand, push the pedal down first so
we change.
One ready and.
Now you can go back and
review all the different sections
to put this piece together.
So now, you've learned my secret trick for
pedalizing your fingers to catch
it in time with your foot.
Great technique, isn't it?
So I really want you to see how pedalizing
your fingers is not just good for
your pedaling, but
it's also really good for
increasing your independent
flexibility within each finger.
That's the key to playing
the piano comfortably and
fluidly having control of each
finger independent of each other and
this is a great way to
build that technique.
So I encourage you to really practice
your left-hand alone a lot and
do that exercise I showed you where
you hold the pedalizing note and
lift the other two fingers while
that other note is being held.
Great, great exercise for coordination,
also for finger strengthening as well.
All right Enjoy working on this
beautiful song and use lots of pedal and
I would practice with pedal all the time.
And again, watch out for those cliff
notes in the first to know that
would tell you that you're
not catching it in time or
not holding onto that
pedalized finger long enough.
Enjoy and take your time with
this wonderful little song.