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Popular Piano Lessons: Sight Reading Exercise: Bach - Minuet in G Major

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This Bach-Minuet in G major is intended
as an exercise in reading
standard music notation.
Hopefully, what you've learned up to this
point will help you to gain a certain
level of fluency in reading
regular music notes.
So I want you to try this out and
see how you do.
Now, keep in mind there
are some new notations that
you might wanna become familiar with.
The first is the type of repeats.
There are two types of repeats here.
You're gonna see a double
line with some dots.
And you're gonna see first
a number 1 box on top of one set.
And then a number 2 box right after that.
What that simply means is that
you'll hear in the performance,
if you're following along
with the music as I play.
You'll hear that I go to
the first ending the first time,
then go back to the beginning.
Then as I play the second time,
I will skip that number one box and
then continue on the number two box.
Then the second section has its own set of
repeat signs that go towards each other.
So just keep that in mind and
do practice with the repeats as
you're learning these notes.
So, I'd like to see how
you do on your own, and
see how well you can read
standard music notation now.