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Classical Guitar Lessons: Carcassi Method -- Key of E Flat Major

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Carcassi method
key of E-flat major.
I hope that you're going along in to some
of these
stranger keys that we don't normally play
on the guitar,
because while we may not play a lot of
pieces in the key of E-flat major.
A lot of the pieces that we play on the
guitar even in the 19th century
will venture into the key of E-flat major
in order to heighten the dramatic tension
of say a piece that maybe isn't normally
in that key.
But in a more normal guitar key like
D-major or A-major.
So it's very good that you're here at this
lesson in the other more out there keys.
Because when you become familiar with
these chord positions and
just these things here, and you can get
good at reading them,.
Then when you co, when you encounter an
abrupt modulation
from say A-minor into or A-major into
E-flat major
it will not they'll be some familiarity,
familiarity, there on your part.
So, here we go.
Key of E-flat major.
Here's the scale.
It starts in third position, actually.
I mean, this is, this is an interesting
new wrinkle here, third position for
the, for this scale.
So, starting with four on the fifth string
here on the sixth fret,
and use your one that's in the third
position, so
it creates a nice E-flat major chord.
And you also noticed that in order to
complete the scale up that high he has to
go into eighth position so,
you'll see that.
That's in the fourth measure of the scale.
On the C.
You'll be going in to eighth position for
The fingerings indicate that.
Okay, now for the scale exercise, and
this is all in first position, which is
great, because.
To really be able to navigate, these are
gonna feel like some finger combinations
that you haven't really done before.
But it's, so it's, but when you co, keep,
keep a key like this in one position
like first position, it's it's really,
introduces some new finger combinations.
And now onto this lovely little prelude
in, in E-flat major.
Again, it's gonna have a bit of bar chords
like, like B-flat major and, and
F-sharp minor, and it's gonna have a lot
of bar chords.
If your hand gets tired, just, you know,
as you're working through it it starts,
starts to cramp up a little bit, just take
a break and take a rest, massage,
massage it, especially in the palm.
And do a little stretch like this, where
you stretch out the these muscles here in
the, in the thumb.
And even stretch out your thumb a little
bit like, that and then take a you know,
just a 30 second break and then continue
where you left off.
Because some of these will be a little
bit, you know, taxing on the left hand.
There you have it.
Key of E-flat major.