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Classical Guitar Lessons: Carcassi Method -- Key of F Sharp Minor

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Carcassi Method key
of F major, three sharps and
the relative minor to A major.
As we get going in some of these other
these further out keys
further away from C major.
I'm gonna let you play the scale, just the
basic scale on your own and
I'm just gonna go to the scale exercise.
And as with any of the other as in keeping
with this, the series.
Cascassi suggest that when we practice the
scale exercise,
we play in the first position.
And and follow the notes accordingly that
So after a certain point here, he's not in
the method,
he's not writing in all your fingerings.
So I would recommend actually that you go
ahead and
write in your left hand fingerings, just
so that visually you have something to,
to, to help you a little bit with.
So I'm gonna go ahead and play it right
now here and, and
also the other thing I almost forgot, the
thumb strokes stay on the bottom
three strings and alternation of I and M
stays on the top three strings.
Now moving onto the a short arpeggiated
You will see in here again that there's
more or
less position recommendations for the
So the first two measures are in 2nd
position, 3rd measure,
[SOUND] you've got some finger, left-hand
fingerings there.
Then for the 4rth measure, you're gonna
actually go into 4th position
[SOUND] in order to play the C-sharp
dominant 7 chord,
which is the dominant chord in the key of
F-sharp major.
And so on and so forth, all the rest of
the fingerings are there.
Watch carefully as the, as we get to more
really be sure that you're playing,
that you're referring back to your your
key sig, or
your key signature that you're indeed,
your C-sharp, your F-sharp,
C-sharp and G-sharps are now in the
proper, the proper note.
These foundational skills are important,
especially for those of you who are just
starting out, those who haven't been
playing for awhile and those of you who
already play some other style of guitar,
but are new to the classical guitar.
If you like,
you can send me a video where you show me
how these skills are coming along for you.
I can check out your free strokes, rest
strokes, hand positioning and so on.
Just pick any exercise you like that
demonstrates some of these skills.
Now as you consider sending me a video, be
sure to take a look at what I've told
other students about these foundational
Once you feel ready, record a short video
of yourself playing, and
then follow the instructions to upload it
for me to review.
I'll go ahead and take a look, and then
give you some feedback.
It's important that you develop good
habits, so
let me help you get off to just the right