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Classical Guitar Lessons: Introduction to the Basic Classical Guitar Lesson Block

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Classical Guitar

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Welcome to the curriculum
part of the Classical Guitar School.
What you'll find here in the foundational
skills section are the real basics,
how to hold your guitar, tune it, get a
good sound,
where to hold your hands and fingers to
play efficiently and in a relaxed way.
I'll teach you how to use a metronome to
speed up your progress.
I'll show you these and many other basics,
but, remember, in the end,
its all about learning to make music.
Even for those of you who are advanced
it's not a bad idea to go through some of
these found, foundational skills lessons.
I'm sure you will find much there to
improve your playing.
Rather than thinking of these as beginner
lessons try to
think of these lessons as more like
reference videos.
For those of you starting out there will
be lots of beginner material to work on.
It is my hope that I can help you enjoy
classical guitar as much as I do.