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Classical Guitar Lessons: Introduction to the Intermediate Classical Guitar Lesson Block

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In this part of the curriculum,
you'll get deep into the classical guitar
You'll be making some serious music,
and the pieces will get progressively more
We'll be working on the techniques that
are necessary to sound great,
including phrasing, playing expressively,
vibrato, rubato improving your bars and
making them more comfortable, changing
effortlessly, and more.
If you've not gone through the
foundational skills you should do so
before you move into the intermediate
It's important that your technique not
have any holes.
By going through the foundational lessons
you'll be sure that your foundation is
Those of you who are here from other
styles of guitar or
you know how to play other kinds of guitar
you'll find much of what you already know
will help quite a bit.
But classical guitar is different and
does require some skills not needed so
much on other styles of guitar playing.
As you work on this intermediate material
I'll be evaluating your videos and
will help to play better and better.
This will be a great adventure and
I know that if you apply yourself you'll
be playing really well.