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Classical Guitar Lessons: Scarlatti: Sonata in A Major K208

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Sonata in A Major K208 by Dominico
This is my personal favorite Sonata to
play by Scarlatti and
one of my all time favorite pieces.
It just is full of gorgeous lyricism and
this nice steady underpinning of the space
really gives it a very stately and very
graceful kind of atmosphere.
And, and you'll see in the, in the lesson
on the performance that I, I, you know,
I'm a little bit more freer with bending
time particularly at cadence points.
When there's a trill such as
You know, and I, and then of course when
the next phrase begins and
then i pick up the time again.
But I think gentle poca renterandos at the
ends of of
Keith Cadence points in the phrases is, is
quite all right.
Also you'll probably notice in the
performance video on repeats,
I add a little bit more ornamentation.
That, that's, of course, very much in
style for the, for the period,
the Baroque era.
I will have a video lesson, a lesson on
ornamentation forthcoming.
And, or somewhere already in the
curriculum, as well as one on trills.
So this one, of course, you'll hear lots
of, lots of those, lots of trills and
The, the key point, the only thing that
really is here,
is to play, play with a lot of beauty in
the sound.
The, the melody's really just wonderful
and that while the phrase is going that
you use the bass as a, as as a marker of,
of time for yourself just that it doesn't
stray too far from your original pulse.
The one challenge with this is that it
What when some of the passages you get,
get a little bit more complex in terms of
the guitar playing.
I've noticed over the years teaching this
piece that the pulse, that the base pulses
can of course slow way down in order to
accommodate all the notes.
The only thing that what's helpful I find
in this this kind of study,
it's great thing, great thing for
myself to do and I encourage all my
students to do this is to record yourself.
If you're playing this piece, and you
wanna just check to see that the time,
the pulse is fairly unified throughout the
piece, you can always record yourself and
then listen and do a playback.
It's really a lot.
You, you'll not only pick up a lot of
information about that,
you also pick up a lot of information
about some other things.
And it's a great way to improve on the
performance and
also the details of your piece.
So enjoy the,
the lesson with the performance of the
Scarlatti Sonata in E-major.
And I look forward to viewing and hearing
your videos.