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Peter Erskine, our Jazz Drums instructor, is live on Facebook now: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistWorks/videos/1726087400745307/

I’m pretty sure my dog just barked in abakua rhythm.

Spring is on the way!

Hi Everybody! Really excited out about learning from the master - John Patitucci, as well as the many musicians on this course!

It is great to be here. Looking forward to the journey!

Hi All! We will be hosting an ArtistWorks Live event with Electric Country Guitar instructor, Guthrie Trapp, a week from today! Tune in next Monday (3/5) at noon PST for a chance to win 3 free months at ArtistWorks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNnEgd3o_Vg

I want to extend a warm Welcome to Etric Lyons , our newest member !!!

We're encouraging all students to cash in on free time here at ArtistWorks. Refer a friend to AW and you BOTH get a free month studying music in an awesome online community. A month!

John- Thanks so much for recommending/reminding us of just how swinging Stanley Turrentine's "Let It Go" record is. Definitive Ron pocket!!

@joequintal you can submit your 30 Day Challenge video through the lesson page here: http://artistworks.com/john-patitucci/learning/126672

Hello, Where do we submit the 30day challenge video/audio? Thanks JoeQ

Hi all, I'm Brazilian and I'm going to spend 6 days in New York (February 1-6). I'm looking for a good double bass of hardwood to buy that is not too expensive. So, if any of you can help me in any way, I'll appreciate it.

Hi John, Happy Hew Year! I am going to Anaheim to see your show on January 25th. Looking forward to seeing your band play!

Tune in in 30 MINUTES! Ask a question for the chance to win 3 free months. ArtistWorks live with Richard Amoroso: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtVk-jovaL4

Hi all! This Thursday, January 18th, at noon PST, we are hosting an ArtistWorks LIVE event! We'll be chatting with brand new violin instructor, Richard Amoroso. Tune in for the chance to win 3 free months at ArtistWorks! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtVk-jovaL4

I pray that you all have a peaceful, healthy and fruitful year

Happy New Year to All !!!!!

Happy New Year to All :-)

Happy New Year to All Bass Sisters and Brothers :-)

John, that piano piece you played is gorgeous! Love the voicings!!!

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018 all - nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda pawb!

I also wanted to extend a warm welcome to all of the new students coming on board at this time. I hope you find lots of help and support here from all of us !!!

God bless you all this Holiday season_ I just posted a Holiday Video Greeting on Piano. My apologies for the framing of the video. I recorded it with my iPhone and when i put it into my usual editing software for the video exchanges , it made it into a close-up shot. The original was from further away. LOL - Oh well, Lots of love to you all and your families too!!!

Merry X-mas everyone!!!!

Happy Christmas everyone. Let the music unite us all in peace.

Hi John! Hi everybody I'm Rama from Jakarta, Indonesia! Merry Christmas and happy holiday! Finally, this is my 1st official bass learning I took in my life! So lazy LOL, I take a lesson with Nathan & John to perfect my bass playing and musicality.

Welcome to ArtistWorks jasoncui, Gordonbw, and anthony.atwe. We're thrilled you're here!

Hello everyone, im Anthony from Lebanon I've been playing bass for 7 years, and i just got a stick bass so i took John Patitucci's course to start swinging on lower bass :) cheers to everyone

Hi all, I’m a newbie at bass but an advanced jazz pianist. Learning bass is a retirement project. Currently working on major scales and applying them to “Rhythm” form. Lotsa calluses!

Welcome Jason!

Hi everyone I’m Jason! Feel happy to be here with u guys

Hi everybody! @finn: I'm working on Triads and Arpeggios and also on Playing melody giving a harmonic sense on the bass at the same time...

I sent join a video on a rhythmic drill, as I would like to build better time feel. I am waiting for his reply! :)

Hi Leon. It's a ton of great stuff here. I think you could send John a video of you playing one of the tunes from the curricullum and he will guide you.

Hi everyone, I am Leon from Hong Kong, I just joined a week ago. I started with playing electric bass and picked up the upright 2-3 years ago. I don't know where should I start with and just going through the courses from the beggining.

Thanks for sharing . For me its the piano and working on harmony. Also found a great Book on Rhythm Changes by Bruce Gertz, that is fascinating!

Finn, I'm working on tone and rhythm. Have been practicing on drums to get deeper into the groove. So much fun :-)

What are you guys working on?

Wow such a great discussion between JP, Eric and Howard. I found myself, grinning and nodding, as well as a few chuckles. Words of wisdom, insight and humor! Check it out.

Thanks Jerry

Hey Trey, go to lessons and then +music.

Anybody know how to watch to tour discussion blog with John and Howard Levy?

Hi!Where can I find some more information about using the melodic minor over specific chords?

We've launched a new navigation menu today! To see the new look, you need to hold down a key while clicking on the refresh icon in your browser. You can do either SHIFT+refresh or CTRL+refresh. Hope you like the new look!

As Dizzy said, (and many others) We are all one. Let our music reflect that.

Had a couple old friends in Northern California lose their homes. Thankfully , they are all safe.

I am also very thankful that The Artist Works studios and the houses of the owners and employees have mostly escaped the horrible fires in northern California

the way you guys interact and help each other here is very encouraging to me

Sharing the love and Unity with music is more important than ever in this time we are living in

I wanted to also send my deepest condolences and prayers to all who have been impacted by the Hurricanes, fires , Earthquakes and shootings that seem to be endless in our world

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