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Hi all, I’m a newbie at bass but an advanced jazz pianist. Learning bass is a retirement project. Currently working on major scales and applying them to “Rhythm” form. Lotsa calluses!

Welcome Jason!

Hi everyone I’m Jason! Feel happy to be here with u guys

Hi everybody! @finn: I'm working on Triads and Arpeggios and also on Playing melody giving a harmonic sense on the bass at the same time...

I sent join a video on a rhythmic drill, as I would like to build better time feel. I am waiting for his reply! :)

Hi Leon. It's a ton of great stuff here. I think you could send John a video of you playing one of the tunes from the curricullum and he will guide you.

Hi everyone, I am Leon from Hong Kong, I just joined a week ago. I started with playing electric bass and picked up the upright 2-3 years ago. I don't know where should I start with and just going through the courses from the beggining.

Thanks for sharing . For me its the piano and working on harmony. Also found a great Book on Rhythm Changes by Bruce Gertz, that is fascinating!

Finn, I'm working on tone and rhythm. Have been practicing on drums to get deeper into the groove. So much fun :-)

What are you guys working on?

Wow such a great discussion between JP, Eric and Howard. I found myself, grinning and nodding, as well as a few chuckles. Words of wisdom, insight and humor! Check it out.

Thanks Jerry

Hey Trey, go to lessons and then +music.

Anybody know how to watch to tour discussion blog with John and Howard Levy?

Hi!Where can I find some more information about using the melodic minor over specific chords?

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As Dizzy said, (and many others) We are all one. Let our music reflect that.

Had a couple old friends in Northern California lose their homes. Thankfully , they are all safe.

I am also very thankful that The Artist Works studios and the houses of the owners and employees have mostly escaped the horrible fires in northern California

the way you guys interact and help each other here is very encouraging to me

Sharing the love and Unity with music is more important than ever in this time we are living in

I wanted to also send my deepest condolences and prayers to all who have been impacted by the Hurricanes, fires , Earthquakes and shootings that seem to be endless in our world

Hi to all and welcome back Taiyo!

Hi Talyo, welcome!

Hi John and everyone in the Jazz bass community. I'm Taiyo from Japan. I was a member 5 years ago and just came back signing up for 1-year-course yesterday. I am surprised to see all the changes made in the site and I'm enjoying the course again. I have been playing both electric and uprigth and want to improve both, but I don't know where to start, so watching the electric bass course from the beginning.

Also I used my rewards points to get 2 of the books by George Vance. Hoping to improve my bowing. Same publisher as John's 60 Melodic Etudes book I think, since that book is listed on the back page.

I wanted to say thanks to John for convincing me that Rubber Ducky really is a jazz tune. Y'all should check out his VE response to me on that tune. Also a friend of mine, a fellow bass player age 68 lost everything in Harvey and has a page: https://www.gofundme.com/bwmas2-we-lost-everything-in-harvey

Welcome back to Janusz ! i look forward to hearing you play very soon!!

I know Blaine, you already shared that it was very tough where you live. I am very sorry about that.

Hi to all, sorry for the absence. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to all of you out there who may have been affected by the Hurricanes and the Earthquakes that have been causing so much destruction around the planet.

Welcome back janusz. I know about building a house. Lot's of work but well worth it!

Welcome back janusz

Hello Bass Sisters & Brothers. Just came back to JP's school after a break taken to finish a new house and settle in. Excited to be here again. Back to shedding now :-)

Thank you steve555 that's very nice of you. you're a geat player

andy sent you an email regarding czech ease bass. my last video exchange is with a czech ease bass. maybe helps give you some perspective


My condolences John..

Good Day John and fellow players. Just subcribed

My condolences John. Having just endured hurricane Harvey (it's not actually over yet), I'm in a state of shock. Thank you for sharing that about Matt. I'm sorry.

Matt played a lot with the great bassist Eddie Gomez.

There was another incredible musician we lost a couple of weeks ago as well. He was a flute virtuoso and Dean of Performance at Berklee College of Music . His name - Matt Marvuglio. He was instrumental in the creation of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, where i also teach with the legendary pianist , composer and educator- Danilo Perez

Hi to all. It has been a very heavy month with regard to losing some very wonderful musical brothers- Guitar wise , to lose Chuck Loeb and John Abercrombie, for me was very heavy . I was blessed to know them well and play some memorable music with them

Jazz piano

And now John Abercrombie? Loved his guitar playing so much, and JP's tour with him and Mintzer, and Erskine was a special moment.

https://youtu.be/Ui4sEvPz7e8 Wow John and Chuck what a wonderdul moment thks !

Thanks much for checking in John. Great message. The John Coltrane/Johnny Hartman Ballads record is such an inspiration! All the Best!

My condolences to the friends and family of Chuck Loeb. This video he did with John says A LOT. https://youtu.be/Ui4sEvPz7e8 - What a loss for us. Thank you John for this video.


Sounds good @Hdapehs, lets do some playing some time. Im in Alexandria, not far really...I need to catch a bit of your approach I think. :) PS: I lived in brooklyn for years! I miss it! (williamsburgh)

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