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Jazz Bass Lessons: Electric Bass: Basic Sound Production 2: Finger Exercise with 3rds

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Next exercise features thirds,
and alternating strings.
And this is good for your alternating
picking in your right hand too,
cuz we're gonna be doing,
you're gonna be skipping back and
forth between two strings at a time.
We'll start off between the first and
second strings and then the second and
third and then the third and fourth.
We'll also introduce some rhythmic, we'll
fool around with the rhythm a little bit,
some different ways to, so
we're not just playing 8th notes all
the time when we do our exercises.
In the previous exercise that we did
you can also fool around with playing
8th notes in the right hand while you do
those quarter notes in your left hand, or
triplets, or 16th notes,
it's fine to do that.
So, this one's an 8th note but
we're gonna fool around with
different rhythms as we go along.
But the first part is like this.
So we're gonna go.
That's the first bar.
So one, two, two, three,
three, four, four, three,
I'm gonna come back down four,
three, three, four, two, three,
one, two, so it's a little bit of
a finger twister, so if we go,.
Again even sound each time.
See, even though we're alternating.
You can also go.
Try alternating picking too.
See what I'm doing with my right hand?
I'm leading with my second finger.
Or you can do it like this.
Lead with the first finger.
You can practice different ways.
One, two, two, three,
three, four, four, three.
I'm shouting the fingerings.
Four, three.
Three, four, two, three, one, two.
Then you can go,
16th notes.
You get
the idea.
Then you also do it on the other strings.
Maybe do
a different rhythm.
Make your own rhythms.
This way
you're working
both hands and
finally the lower string.
or kinda
walk it.
So then you're kinda
working all aspects of it.
So that's the finger exercise in thirds.