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Jazz Bass Lessons: Electric Bass: Play Along: Samba (Medium)

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So in order to understand the samba we
really have to go to the big drum they use
in Carnival in Rio.
A sordu drum.
And it goes.
There's a big mallet,
a big thick mallet and it goes.
they sorta mute it with their
right hand when they hit it.
I do it that way because I'm lefty.
And that's sorta our part.
In the big batucada, which is the big,
huge samba school collection of
all the instruments, percussion.
And they dance, and
they walk down the street at Carnival.
The instrument that corresponds to
the bass really is that sordu drum.
That's the sound.
It's a really incredible feeling and
I just encourage
you to get some records and
just listen to Brazilian you know,
go listen to, you can YouTube and stuff.
Look at samba schools, batucada,
which is b-a-t-u-c-a-d-a.
And that's like the whole drum
culture of Rio and they have drum
battles with the different drum schools
to see who gets to play at Carnival.
It's incredible so look at those things.
And also there's a couple of nice,
there's a great
Sergio Mendez record called Brasileiro
that you can check out too.
Anyway so here's samba medium.