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Jazz Bass Lessons: Electric Bass: Play Along: Blues By the Bay

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Okay,here's a 12/8 blues.
It's called, Blues By the Bay.
Cuz I spent part of my life in
the Bay area, and it was a great time.
I loved it.
So, Blues by the Bay,
this is a 12/8 blues.
This is connected to the 6/8 from Africa.
And it became r&b, and the blues.
One, [SOUND] four.
It's like that triple rhythm
at 4/4 kind of a feel.
[SOUND] 12/8.
It's like four beats of those triplets,
[SOUND] so
that getting that feeling of the triplet
feel and your eighth note line.
That's like the kind of thing
that's huge in R&B and the blues.
It's really a blues thing.
So we're gonna play
the melody the first time and
then the piano gonna play it and
take the second ending.
And then the piano's gonna blow for
a while and we're gonna blow for a while.
And then we take the melody out.
So I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna try
to really stick to the calm response
theme that we talked about that comes
from the African roots of the music.
You play a phrase, you let some
space go by, you answer your phrase.
Listen to Albert King, listen to BB King,
listen to Robert Johnston,
listen to Son House, so like go back and
check out all the blues
records you can possibly find.
And they, even the more modern,
the younger guys,
well, some that passed away
like Stevie Ray Vaughan or
obviously Jimi Hendrix
was a great blues player.
There's a lot of records you can
check out, Eric Clapton as well.
So here we go, Blues By the Bay.