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Jazz Bass Lessons: Electric Bass: Play Along: Bossa Nova (Slow)

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So we're gonna do
the slow bossa nova now.
The historically more I hate
to use the word correct,
but the historically more accurate way and
if you listen to recordings with Jobim and
the great creators of this movement,
Jobim wrote so many great tunes,
Antonio Carlos Jobim, for
those who are not familiar.
The idea they played a lot
of half notes cuz the rhythm
was carried by the percussion and
everything and
there were these half note
things what the guys played and
it really kind of evokes that
two feeling like later on
in samba that you have with the sort
of [SOUND] like beats three and
four [SOUND] one, two [SOUND]
that's the feeling, very gentle.
It's not so
much the [SOUND] that's not really
the original intent,
I think of the groove here.
So, in addition to this,
eventually I'm gonna add some stuff
with my buddy Rogerio Boccato.
Eventually not at this time,
but I have some ideas for
showing you guys some more
stuff with bass and percussion.
But for now,
I'm gonna try to give you a very good
basic foundation first of bossa nova.
Here we go.