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Jazz Bass Lessons: Play Along: Simple 6/8 Groove

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>> Okay,
so now that we've talked about
the Abakua and the 6/8 and
how it connects with the swing, we're
gonna do a simple 6/8 tune in E minor.
It's a groove, and
before I tell you about the music,
I want to remind you that
you definitely need to tune
before each of these play-a-longs because
the pianos a little higher pitched.
It's at 442.
When you travel around playing music,
even in your local town,
pianos can be at all kinds of pitched
levels from under 440 to over 440 to,
well, I've experienced
everything from 438 to 444.
So, my piano at my home studio is 442,
which is pretty standard for
a lot of people I play with actually.
So, make sure you tune, take those tuning
notes that the piano strikes before each
play-along, take them seriously.
Really tune up so you really get
the maximum enjoyment and really feel like
you're in there with this great pianist
and drummer, John Coward and Adam Cruise.
Okay, so,
this first one is a simple 6/8 feel.
Kind of an E minor.
It's open keys.
You can play it down low, and you don't
have to travel far up the neck at all.
I want you to concentrate on the rhythm,
your sound production.
The bass line is written in PDF available.
If you don't read music,
you can just watch me and cop it.
It's a repetitive thing.
And enjoy.