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Jazz Bass Lessons: Play Along: Simple 2 Beat With 2/5 Progression

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Now we're gonna
do a simple jazz feel in two.
What they call 2 beat playing.
So you're gonna to be using half notes and
a couple of quarter notes and
you have the written line, PDF that
you can download, if you read music.
And I'll be playing pretty close to that,
without a lot of decorations at first.
Later on in the process we'll get into
a two feel with triplet feels and
more active bass playing.
But now we're gonna just try to
get a nice swing feeling in two.
So again it's rocking back and forth.
Its like one, two, one, two.
That's why they call it two.
The accents are on sort of beat one and
One, two, three, four, one, two,
three, four, that kind of thing.
So it's going through
different progressions.
I don't even wanna deal with
the theory of that right now.
It's a simple 2/5 progression in all keys,
and that we can deal with
in the theory end, but
right now I just want you to use your
ears and if you can read note names or
chord changes, you can play along with
it even if you can't read the notes.
You're just gonna have to learn by ear,
copy what I'm doing,
read the chord changes for now.
Or if you read music, you can read
the notes and play right along with me.
Here we go.
Now at this point,
you might wanna send me a video.
But remember, before you send a video in
check out what I've said to the other
students and I will take a look at
yours and give you some feedback.