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Jazz Bass Lessons: Etude 16: E Flat Minor

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This etude is
in E flat minor.
It's a very closed position, so
I want you to be very careful.
It's all closed notes.
There's no open strings that
we can really use in this one.
I would like to let you know that, even
though the quarter note is a slow count,
one, two, three, four, you'll hear the
drums playing in double time samba rhythm.
Samba, another Brazilian rhythm that we're
gonna get into a little deeper later, but
again, a fantastic rhythm from Brazil.
And it's half note oriented, so later on,
if you wanna try playing a baseline,
I'll show you a few
different things on this.
I think I'll do the melody
straight one time.
I'll do it a little
dressed up second time.
And then,
I'll do a sample samba baseline, so
you can get the feeling of what it's like.
You can work on the melody on this, and
then you can work on adding some notes
from that sound, from that beat,
the E flat minor scale,
which is the same notes as the G
flat major scale, by the way.
And that, we're gonna talk about
in the theory section, too.
So, the second time through, if you wanna
add some notes and try some things,
remember, it doesn't have to be perfect.
I want you to experiment and
feel free, and have some fun.
I want you to try and see,
even though it's a closed key,
to see if you can fool around with it and
find some interesting things to
slide into the melody notes, or
add notes, or wait and
start a melody note after the downbeat.
Try some different things with this.
This is E flat minor with a samba feel.