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Jazz Bass Lessons: Etude 24: G Minor

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This one's in G Minor.
Six-eight feeling.
By now I'm sure that you're pretty
comfortable with six-eight.
We've talked about it a lot.
Remember the triplet feel
[NOISE] everything has to
relate to those eighth notes or
with the triplet feel and
this one you have a chance to
develop some things because
you've got four time so
you could play the melody straight.
One time you could play around with it.
And then the other two times you
can really play some groove.
Try your 6/8 groove that you've had a
chance to develop in earlier play alongs.
And so now,
you can refine it a little bit now.
Here we go.
G minor.
Now at this point,
you might want to send me a video,
make one or two of these 24 A2's.
Maybe there's one that you're
working on that you're a little
confused on which direction to go,
and that's okay.
Make sure before you send it in, to check
out what I've said to the other students.
And I'll take a look, and
give you feedback of course.
But one thing I wanted to add to this,
when you send me videos,
I don't want you to look
at it as a performance.
It's part of our process,
it enables me to help you.
And encourage you to grow.
I don't want you to put
added pressure on yourself,
like you're making a record or
a documentary video of your own.
I just want you to work on the music and
it's okay if you make mistakes.
I need to see what your hands are doing
and how you're feeling the music, so
that I can help you.
So, don't look at it as a performance.
You're in a safe environment with me.
It's all about helping you grow.
So don't look at it like a performance,