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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Up Activities - Introduction

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Country Vocals

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Now for some fun stuff,
vocal warm ups.
I wanna give you a nice little collection,
these are the ones that I go
to most frequently, I've used them for
years and years and years.
I'll use one or two,
I'll put them in different combinations.
Occasionally if I've got a really big
show or I'm going into the studio,
I'll actually start at the beginning and
do the entire series.
I kind of have put them in order
of difficulty from very gentle and
not really demanding a lot of air support.
All the way up through scales covering
more than an octave where you're really
articulating and
using a lot of air control,
but you can mix and match,
just make sure that nothing ever hurts.
Nothing should ever hurt in your voice
box, your larynx, anywhere in your throat.
And if something is hurting or feeling
uncomfortable, just stop right then and
take a break.