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Country Vocals Lessons: Keep It Simple

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Ok, Time for you to submit a video,
and this is a fun exercise,
it's just a way for
us to get to know each
other a little bit and
to kinda deconstruct and
start in a kinda unexpected place.
So what I'd like for you to do is sing
a song, I'm gonna demonstrate it for
you in a minute, but I'd like you to
submit a video of you singing this song.
I want you to concentrate specifically and
very purposely on excellent stance,
show me your good mountain pose,
and filling your lungs.
Really supporting,
really getting the maximum amount of
air you can in your lungs, and
keeping your body relaxed.
Use your good stance and
fill your lungs with air,
show me the maximum amount of air.
I will be looking for
good posture, a good stance,
and just a good relaxed instrument and
a focused intention,
like this is what I'm here to do and
nothing else.
I definitely want you to stand.
I would prefer for
this one that you not have shoes.
If you can be barefoot and
be on the earth or on the ground,
on the floor, that would be great.
Shoes, flat shoes or
good stable shoes are fine as well.
I just don't want anything interfering or
competing with your attention as far
as balance, so no heels, no high heels.
Nothing that's gonna require any
attention to staying balanced.
I really want you a nice,
solid stance on the floor.
And I'm gonna demonstrate the song
that you're going to sing right now.
i know
not what
you were
But here's what I find,
in singing nursery rhymes,
they're very valuable tools for
us as singers at this point in our lives.
Of course, these are songs that we
learned when we were teeny-tiny babies.
Sometimes before we could even talk.
We were actually learning these songs.
We were absorbing these melodies and
these freezes and these stories.
And I find that to revisit
them as an adult and
as someone who has an intention, at least,
to singing, or
maybe even being a singer or
professional singer,
that revisiting these nursery rhymes
brings up a lot of really interesting
opportunities for a lot of reasons.
First of all, no artist has claimed and
had the big hit on Mary Had a Little Lamb,
so it kinda belongs to everybody.
I'm not thinking of another
singer's performance when I sing
Mary Had a Little Lamb.
I can make it my own.
There's a lot of repetition
in nursery rhymes.
The melodies repeat.
The rhythms repeat.
Frequently, the words repeat.
And so it gives you an opportunity as
a performer, as an actor, as someone who's
trying to connect with the storytelling,
gives you a chance to kinda dig into
the subtle nuances of meaning that you can
give to these repetitive lyric phrases.
It gives you a chance to play
with different approaches.
And these repetitive melodic phrases, and
it also does something interesting
in your emotional approach.
Like what is this song mean?
Does it bring up good
memories of childhood?
It's something that you struggled with?
What's the story about?
They're usually very simple and
focused emotional stories.
So I think that they are kinda
fun to play with, and
that's what we're about right now.
We wanna pick something to sing.
I wanna give you an opportunity to sing,
share your voice, perform something that
is really just fun and interesting,
and kinda engages your mind and
your emotions, and
your instrument in something that's fun.
So we have a backing track for
Mary Had a Little Lamb in two keys.
You can pick either one or
both keys if you wanna
experiment and
try singing it in both keys but
pay close attention to your stunts,
you're relaxed instrument and
filling your lungs with good fuel and
I look forward for
hearing you sing Mary Had a Little Lamb.