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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - Hmmmm… Sweeps & Scales

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Or as I like to call it,
things that make you go hmm.
This is a series of sweeps and
simple scales
where on a very gentle
vocalization of [SOUND]
you're sweeping from high
to low from low to high.
Again, engaging your whole breathing
mechanism when you breathe in
through your nose.
Just very gently sweeping through
your comfortable modal register,
your comfortable chest voice.
Not pushing anything too high,
not trying to drop down too low.
[SOUND] You wanna
think about keeping
your tongue forward.
You don't wanna let your tongue
drop to the back of your throat.
Keeping your tongue and
everything forward.
When you are engaging properly
you'll feel a little bit
of a buzzing around your mouth and
your lips and in your nose.
you'll feel your teeth kind of vibrate.
That's what you want.
[SOUND] Keeping that sound
focusing through your mask so
that you feel like your delivering it,
[SOUND] right through the top
of your mouth and your nose.
[SOUND Good, roll your shoulders back,
make sure your shoulders are in low and
Now we're gonna do this
[SOUND] on a five note scale,
picking any comfortable beginning note.
[SOUND] You don't need a pitch reference,
just find something comfortable
in your speaking range.
A simple five note scale straight up and
then straight back down.
You can start to engage
your abdominals and
the muscles that support your diaphragm.
Everything around your ribcage.
And you can pump ever so
slightly and gently.
Engaging your abdominals,
you'll be able to feel a pulse.
My teeth are really
vibrating, my tongue,
my nose is tickling a little bit.
Another variation
of this is to add an at the end
of this scale as you get to
the top note of this scale.
You're using constant air
flow just changing the shape
of the vowel with your mouth only.
Keeping your tongue forward and
your throat nice and relaxed.
You should feel
a nice tickle in your nose.
And start to really feel your
muscles around your rib cage,
all of your breathing
muscles starting to activate.
Nice, simple hmmmm!