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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - Blubber Lips

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Blubber lips.
Maybe not the most flattering name,
but this warm-up is the bomb.
It is my personal favorite warm-up.
I do this driving in the car on
the way to a recording session or
walking from backstage out to the stage.
This exercise engages so many pieces of
your mechanism in exactly the right way.
It's something that you'll really
want to rely on, and it's fun.
So you put your lips loosely together,
And exhale across your lips by
vibrating them like a motorboat.
Just [SOUND],
just blubbering right through it.
Your lips have to stay nice and
loose in order to do this exercise at all.
You wanna make sure your
tongue is kept relaxed and
at the floor of your mouth, nice, relaxed.
Not engaged, location for your tongue,
[SOUND] and kind of forward.
You don't want it to be
back in your throat.
Keep your tongue forward and
relaxed at the bottom of your mouth.
You breathe in slowly through your nose,
[SOUND] and [SOUND].
You really engage your
abdominals as you exhale.
And you have to engage
your abdominals because,
in order to get enough air flow going
across your lips to make them vibrate,
you have to push a lot of air out.
So this really helps you feel
how much air you have to inhale.
How much capacity you have in
your lungs to fill them with air.
And then how much air you can exhale.
And figuring out how to engage those
abdominals to control the airflow
just enough to keep your
lips blubbering without
pushing too hard that you
blow it all out at one time.
You wanna keep a nice consistent flow and
without blowing too softly.
If you exhale too softly, don't give
enough pressure from your abdominals,
your lips won't vibrate.
They'll just kind of [SOUND].
That's how you know you're
not pushing enough air out.
So it's a great way to really
engage your abdominals.
Inhale, [SOUND],
do it without a pitch few times.
[SOUND] Like a horsey-face,
now we're gonna add pitch.
We're gonna inhale, and as we exhale and
engage our blubber-lip face,
we're going to pick a pitch and
build a five-note scale on it.
Inhale again and
blubber lips on the next note.
But with our blubber lips going.
whoo, by the time I get to the end of that
exhale, I am rock solid down
here because I'm really
engaging all of these lower abdominals.
okay, I'm feeling that
nice buzz in my nose, and
in the front of my lips and my face.
And my teeth are kind of buzzing together,
I'm keeping my jaw relaxed.
So my teeth are actually very
gently vibrating against,
my upper and lower teeth are gently
vibrating against each other.
to really press through,
I had to really engage my abdominals.
Good, you wanna make sure that
your not locking your knees.
If you're in a nice, relaxed mountain
pose, if you're not paying attention,
if you start to tense up your base,
you might start to lock your knees.
And then before you know it,
you'll be hyperventilating, don't do that.
Make sure that your knees are not locked.
That they're slightly bent,
your feet are parallel.
Your base is nice and solid,
tailbone tucked under.
Again, if you tuck that tailbone under
slightly and point it forward a bit.
Tilt your pelvis forward a little bit,
that helps to engage
your lower abdominals.
And as you do this particular exercise,
you are really going to feel
how much control and engagement you
have and need in this base here.
One more time, inhale
[LAUGH] I didn't have enough support.
Here we
Yeah, just make sure you're not
near enough to spit on anybody.
And that's blubber lips.