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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - Jaw Looseners

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Jaw looseners,
many of us carry a lot
of tension in our jaws.
And we're so habituated to it that
we don't even notice it anymore,
but some of us brux or
grind our teeth at night.
It's a way of working out tension.
And that tension can carry
on throughout the day.
Even if you don't clench
your teeth at night,
chances are you carry
some tension in your jaw.
This is a great exercise to make sure that
your jaw, stays nice and loose and open,
which is what you need, a nice, loose jaw,
so that you can articulate your diction.
This has to do with phrasing and diction,
it also has to do with note articulation.
If you're trying to grab or
carrying tension in your jaw,
you're fighting against your ability to
use the appropriate muscles, the muscles
that actually work on articulating
specific notes and changing pitches.
You're acting against yourself,
it's like defeating the purpose if
you have any tension in your jaw.
So jaw loosener, you start with
just gently massaging your face.
This feels so good, just to put your
hands on either side of your face.
Gently massage in circular, loose,
gentle motions, either side of your face,
and really make contact all
the way back into your ears.
I like to take my fingers and
run them back,
even on top of my ears and to my skull.
These bands of muscle around your
skull all connect up to your jaw.
And you wanna just make physical contact,
move into the [INAUDIBLE], and
loosen up those face and jaw muscles.
Massage gently and
then [SOUND] when your jaw's nice and
loose, you can actually move it.
With your hands, none of the motion of the
jaw is coming from jaw muscles right now.
It's all coming from my hands.
I'm also keeping my shoulders down,
my neck muscles relaxed.
I'm trying not to hike up my shoulders,
keeping my mountain pose base nice and
relaxed and solid, not locking my knees.
Gonna breathe in with our jaws nice and
gently relaxed, and we're gonna vocalize,
[SOUND], as we exhale,
but through the movement
of our jaws, as articulated by our hands.
[SOUND] Now we're
gonna articulate.
Great way
of making sure [SOUND]
that your jaw and
as it connects
to your neck
stays nice and
loose and relaxed.