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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - Tongue Trills

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Tongue trills.
Place the tip of your tongue
behind your upper teeth so
it keeps your tongue forward,
not towards the back of your throat.
Don't press it.
Just gently place it
behind your upper teeth,
and exhale while you're vibrating
your tongue tip in a trill.
[SOUND] And you can vocalize again,
in a sweep up,
sweep down as you trill your tongue.
[SOUND] See if you can
feel the engagement of
your lower abdominals
as you pump each
of these notes of
the scale up and down.
It'll help also engage your abdominals.
[SOUND] Another good way
to articulate particular
notes is to practice arpeggios.
That's where you're taking [SOUND].
You're playing a triad
essentially with your instrument.
[SOUND] Those are triads.
So we're gonna practice a few
arpeggios starting on C.
[SOUND] Keeping your jaw relaxed,
only your tongue is active,
placed gently behind the top teeth.
[NOISE] You can feel
a nice buzz in the front
of your mouth and
in your nose.
[SOUND] This is great exercise to
help start practicing the articulation
that eventually you'll apply
when you're practicing
complicated licks, like
As you're articulating specific notes,
these are the kinds of exercises that
help you with that muscle control.
But because you're using a lot of air,
because it takes more
air to vocalize through
a [SOUND] blubber lips or
a trill on your tongue,
it really shows you how much air
capacity you have to have and
how much control you can
exercise when you vocalize
these articulated notes, like arpeggios or
five note scales through blubber lips or
through tongue trills.