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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - Intervals & Runs

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and runs.
Warming up with intervals is a good way
to practice a little bit of your own
ear training on your own.
You can audiate or imagine an interval,
and then on a La or a Z.
Pick your root note and
then sing sweep up, or
sing note to note the interval
that you've imagined.
See if you can name it, and
then vocalize it starting on a La or a Z.
And keeping everything else in mind
that you're keeping your shoulders down,
your spine erect,
your mountain-base strong and relaxed.
I'm gonna start with a half step.
I'm gonna practice some
half steps warming up on the La.
I'm gonna pick different notes.
I'm gonna
do it on a Z now.
You can do it up and down.
I'm imagining the interval in my mind,
and then I'm picking random
notes to start with.
And then vocalizing these intervals, I'm
kind of practicing my interval training.
I'm going to do a minor third,
minor third.
I'm gonna do a perfect fourth.
Here's another perfect fourth.
Here's that interesting
tritone or sharp four.
I have to think, I'm imagining.
the song we associated
with the tritone?
do a major
Great way to use
intervals as a warm up,
and as a little ear
training on the side.