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Country Vocals Lessons: The Whole Singer

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This lesson is called, The Whole Singer.
And this lesson is about
taking the approach
to singing that focuses on the technical,
the action of your instrument,
the mechanics
of your instrument but
does not stop there.
It really is an effort to think of and
experience the act of making music
with your voice as an action that
involves everything about you.
Your instrument,
unlike a guitar or a drum, is you.
You are your instrument,
it's not just this mechanism.
It's not even just the vocal chords, and
your head, and your breathing apparatus.
It's actually your entire body,
everything about you is
part of your instrument,
your music making instrument.
So, I want to encourage you and
inspire you to approach your instrument
as yourself, just one manifestation,
one expression of yourself
as a human being.
Your life, and
expression of your existence.
I think that it involves biology,
you know the physiological
instrument that you have,
very much involves your mind,
the neurology of your brain,
how you think, how you hear,
what your attitude is.
And I also,
very much believe that it's theology,
no matter what you believe,
whether you are religious,
very active, or an atheist.
There is no denying that we are animated
by something, we live, we are alive.
I refer to whatever that is
that makes us alive as spirit.
So, we are all a combination of biology,
neurology, and some kind of theology.
And so, I wanna approach
your work as a singer with
respect to all aspects of you,
a whole human being.
So, we are going to in
the next several sections,
we are going to address your body,
your singer body,
your physiological, biological instrument.
We're going to have a whole
section on your mind, how you,
as a singer, involve your mind,
your intellect, your brain.
And we're also going to have
a section on the singer's spirit.
What affects your spiritual
expression as a music maker.
And we're going to hopefully bring
all of those elements together in
ways that really inform every
time you open your mouth to sing.