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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - HA! HA! HA!

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Ha, ha, ha.
Yes, we are going to again engage
our abdominals, our rib cage,
all of our breathing mechanism here.
We're gonna expand our lungs
as much as possible, inhaling,
making sure that diaphragm goes
to it's most contracted position.
[SOUND] And while monitoring your posture,
keeping your shoulders relaxed and
low, your mountain base nice and
solid, we're gonna inhale slowly and
deeply, not raising our shoulders,
or engaging our neck.
And on the exhaled breath,
repeat, ha, ha, ha.
Again, this should be not an engagement
from your throat, not a glottal, ha.
Nothing happening in your vocal cords
except air passing across them.
[SOUND] Up and down.
[SOUND] So I'm not picking
any particular pitches.
I'm just sweeping up and sweeping down.
There should be very little
expelled air with each ha.
Just place your palm in front of your
lips to monitor the airflow of this.
You should not feel much of a breeze.
You should feel just a little puff
of air happening with every ha.
And then, you can experiment with varying
the pitch as you repeat the exercise.
This helps expand your lung capacity.
It helps you engage all of
your breathing apparatus.
And again, just control,
feel that the muscles are controlling
this exhalation of air.
You can
feel a little
bit of a puff
of air with
each- [SOUND].
Experiment with varying the pitch
as you sweep up and down, and
make sure that you are staying relaxed.