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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - Lion Face / Tongue Stretch

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Lion Face.
Lion Face is actually a legit yoga pose.
I only recently learned this,
this is something that I
had been taught by a wonderful vocal
coach that I had back in college.
She was an opera singer and
an opera coach, and
she showed me this as a wonderful
fundamental warm up for
your face, and jaw, and tongue, and eye.
It really helps focus your
attention on your face muscles and
your head muscles and engages them,
and then helps you to relax fully.
We don't realize how much tension we
carry in our faces sometimes, and
lion face can really help undo any
tension that you have in your face.
I do this sometimes driving down the road.
If I become conscious that my
face is a little tensed up.
I'll do this driving down the road and
I've freaked some drivers out
really thoroughly with this one but
it's fun and it really works.
Lion face, maintain your healthy posture,
get into your mountain pose,
nice erect spine pulled out from top
of your head, tailbone tucked under,
nice strong, sturdy,
solid and relaxed base.
Shoulders low and
shoulder blades dropping down your spine.
Again, tailbone tucked.
And you're just very gently going
to stick out your tongue and
bug out your eyes into the biggest
open face you can make.
On an exhale, [SOUND] And then relax.
Sorry, I have to smile every
time I start to do that one.
You wanna make sure you're not engaging
your neck, it's not something that you're,
you don't wanna scrunch or
engage your neck at all, and
your neck and
shoulders should stay completely relaxed.
But again we're gonna breathe in through
our noses, exhale through our mouths and
make a nice, big scary lion face.
[SOUND] And as you relax and end the pose,
be conscious of how much tension
you're letting go in your cheeks.
In your jaw, in your tongue,
and the top of your neck.
Down here in your chin, your eyes and
eyebrows, your forehead.
As you're making this face, really
be conscious of feeling every muscle
that you can feel and identify in your
face, around your eyes, around your mouth.
And then as you relax it,
really be conscious of the difference
that you feel now that those
muscles have calmed down and
are not in a contracted position anymore.
One more time, lion face.