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Country Vocals Lessons: Vocal Warm Ups - Mountain Pose, Neck Rolls, Toe Touch & Roll Up

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This is my most basic physical warm up.
No matter what else is going on,
if this is the only thing I get to do,
this is kind of my essential
oil of warming up.
It is the very, very, very minimal.
I will use this if I'm, say, doing am
interview that goes right up into until
I'm walking onto the stage, but
this is the one I consistently, always do.
It's just a physical body,
focusing and relaxation.
It starts with mountain pose.
Roll those shoulders back.
Make sure your posture is nice and
You wanna think about your spine
being pulled directly up from
the top of your head.
You want to try to relax your body as
much as possible in mountain pose.
Particularly, you want your
hips to be comfortably forward,
knees forward, toes forward,
feet parallel.
Shoulders back again,
it's good to just keep rolling
them back as you think about it.
Breathing in, you can feel when you are in
a good mountain pose you can feel that you
have a little more expansive
capability in your rib cage,
in your chest if you were
to grab a little more air.
And then the last bit, you wanna
tuck your tail bone under slightly,
that engages your abdominals and
again just lifts your chest a little bit.
So, here we start with mountain pose,
I do just a quick series [SOUND]
Of breaths in through my nose.
Out through your mouth.
Then a series of neck rolls
where I tilt my neck forward.
I don't move anything else.
I don't realign my posture.
I just gently tilt my neck forward.
To either side, and forward.
[SOUND] Again down just my neck
keeping my shoulders down lowered and
relaxed think about dropping your
shoulder blades down your back.
[SOUND] And always breathing and
through your nose.
Out through your mouth.
Again, just gently rotating
your neck left to right.
And then I tilt forward and
then gently roll my neck one side back
down to the center and
to the opposite direction gently.
Never putting any strain,
never doing anything that pinches.
Just very gently rolling my neck.
Again, back into a nice erect posture.
Shoulders rolled back.
Then I engage my whole instrument
by rolling down to my toes.
One vertebrae at time,
starting with my neck, very gently.
One vertebrae at a time
dropping down to my toes.
Breathing in through my nose,
out through my mouth, and
hanging briefly through a little bit
of stretch in the back of your body,
down the back of your legs.
Gentle stretch through your back,
let your head hang.
So there should be no tension
in your neck whatsoever.
And then from the bottom up, back the way
you came one vertebrae at a time.
And when you get to the top,
roll those shoulders back again.
That is my fundamental physical warm-up.
If that's the only thing I get to do,
if I have only one minute to warm up,
that's where I go.