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Country Vocals Lessons: The Axis of Awesome

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Okay we're going to do a lot of really
hard work developing our intellectual,
mental approach to singing and
being a musician.
With a vocal instrument.
But this lesson,
we're gonna do something super fun.
You have to check out,
if you haven't seen them yet,
a YouTube sensation
called Axis of Awesome.
This is a trio of Australians,
who are musicians and comedians.
They do music-comedy, and
they've been around for a long time.
But a few years ago they
did a bit where they put
together all the hit songs that they could
find that shared the same four chords.
And you would be astonished at how many
songs that you know and love from the past
30 years all use the same four chords.
I know you know this.
Okay so now check this out.
Same four chords.
Elton John,
It gets better.
What about this one?
That's Maroon
5, right?
Five for
Fighting, I
know crazy,
So go to YouTube, search,
Axis of Awesome, Four chords.
So it's comedy bit for them, but for
us it's an incredible learning tool that
so many popular songs that we know and
love were constructed and
written with the same four chords.
It's like a lightbulb going off.
Hey, it's just not that complicated,
So what changed.
It's the same four chords.
You've learned a lot of different
terminology in the last few lessons.
We're using the same four chords.
We're basically using the same meter and
tempo, right?
It's all four four, three four.
One two three four.
One two three four.
Same tempo, right?
Nothing's any faster or
slower, so what's changing?
Only the melody.
So, we've created a backing track for
you to sing along.
See if you can find those melodies and
lay them on the backing track.
We're gonna let you submit
your own four-chord medley.
I want to hear you use.
You can use some of these melodies.
Drop those in.
But I'm sure that you can
find some of your own.
See if you can pick out songs that you
know and love that aren't on this list,
and incorporate those into your video
submission of four chord hit wonders.
I can't wait to hear
what you come up with.