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Country Vocals Lessons: Submit a Video - Hymns

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This video submission,
we're going to sing something
that comes from the hymn book.
We have a backing track for Amazing Grace
in a couple of different keys,
the key of C, and the key of E.
You can choose one of those keys,
whichever is most comfortable,
whichever one lies most near your
speaking register, in your chest voice.
Or you can accompany yourself,
or even sing acapella,
any hymn, if you can find an old hymn.
If you can't find an old hymn,
submit an old folk song.
We're looking for
something that's got a simple melody,
very simple structure and
has verses that repeat.
So we can experience the melody
several different times
over the course of the song.
I love Amazing Grace,
the song is 300 years old, and
it is still just one of the most
powerful songs I think ever written.
I've sung it in smokey
dive bars in Atlanta and
I've sung it in the epic
Red Rocks outdoor arena.
And it's equally powerful no matter where,
I'd love to hear your
version of Amazing Grace.
If you don't know it I'm gonna sing
the melody so that you can hear it.
And while I I'm singing,
I'll sing a verse so
you can hear the melody, but then I'll
also talk about some of the things
that we're gonna think about while you're
singing, making your video submission.
So this is Amazing Grace in the key of C.
Amazing grace
how sweet the sound that
saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but
now I'm found,
was blind but now I see.
Twas grace that taught
my heart to fear and
grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that
grace appear the hour
I first believed.
So if you go back and listen, or you may
have already noticed that the first time
through the melody I sang it all in my
chest register up until the highest notes.
That saved a wretch like me.
Here I went into my head voice,
which allowed me to keep
the volume a little lower and
the tone a little more open and soft.
The next time I sang the melody
in the second verse,
grace that taught my heart to fear and
grace my fears relieved.
I had a nice big amount of air and
I was able to sing that version
of that note in my chest voice.
So the same register that I had been in,
again that register that's very
close to my speaking voice.
And you can hear that the tone
didn't change all that much.
The volume got a little louder
cuz I kinda of leaned on it and
crescendo'd a little bit, but
it stayed in the same register.
So as you're singing Amazing Grace,
or whatever hymn or
song that you're going to submit,
play with where
it sits in your chest voice,
in your modal or speaking register.
And see if you can sing the entire
melody in your chest voice.
Or if there are notes that you
want to change register and
shift into the higher or head voice tone.
And tell me how that feels and we will
talk further about what that means.
So submit your hymn or folk song keeping
your good stance, lots of fuel.
Keeping your larynx, and your neck,
and your face nice and relaxed,
shoulders back and being conscious
of which register you're working in.