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Country Vocals Lessons: Messa di Voce Exercise

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Let's practice messa di voce.
I'm going to play some chords and
let them ring out, so
that we have our pitch
reference in our ears.
You sing along with me.
We'll start on a C [SOUND], little C,
and I'll do it on an a e vowel,
and we'll see how long we can sustain it.
Remember, you are keeping the tone and
the vibrato,
if you're using it, the pitch,
all sustained with no change.
The only thing you're
changing is the volume.
You're doing a gradual crescendo,
or increase in volume,
and then a gradual decrescendo.
So, match me, we'll sing on a few
different notes, a few different vowel
sounds and then the backing track will be
available for you to practice on your own.
Here is
a messa
di voce
tone on
middle C,
Now let's try it on a below middle C.
Gonna change the vowel.
Let's go to an a,
you could here a little bit
of vocal fly there at the tail end,
just a little bit of glottal
from my throat closing
up just a little bit.
Let's try that again, and I'll maintain
the tone with no change in my throat.
No texture introduced in my throat.
On A
Now let's try it on a little higher note,
let's go up to E,
this is the E above middle C.
And let's do this on an O.
Big breath.
One more
[COUGH] On an O.
E above middle C on an O, big breath.