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Country Vocals Lessons: “Crazy”

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Country Vocals

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Here's a chance for you to sing a country
classic and
play with some of the things that
you've learned in the last few lessons.
Think about your vibrato.
Think about the different
aspects of your vibrato whether
you're modulating the pitch or
modulating the volume,
and whether you're using faster vibrato or
slower vibrato.
Make choices about what you're
wanting to deliver and play with it.
Try different things in
the course of the song.
Maybe in the first verse,
try a pure straight tone.
And then in the chorus
work in your vibrato,
play with different depths and
speeds of vibrato.
Enjoy your ability to change and
work with this tool these tools
that you're learning to master.
And show me what you're playing with.
You can talk to me,
tell me what you're working on.
If you have something in particular
that you want me to listen for or check.
Am I doing this right or
how does this sound?
Let me know what you're goals
are as you submit this video.
And if you can find a place to
play with Messa di Voce and
give me a nice long ending
such as crazy for loving you.
That's a great long note for
you to mess with your Messa di Voce, so
you might want to throw that in there too.
We also have a backing track for Blue Eyes
Crying in the Rain, another classic that’s
a great song to practice some of these
tools, Messa di Voci, vibrato and
straight tone, and we have that
in a couple of different keys.
So either Crazy or
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.
Find whatever is comfortable for you,
whichever song you want to work in.
And show me what you're playing with,
show me what you can do.