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Country Vocals Lessons: “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”

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That is a country classic that a lot of
you probably know called 'Blue
Eyes Crying in the Rain',
it's one of my favorites,
and it's a song that
we're gonna use in this video submission.
You're gonna sing your version of
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, and
we're going to use this as an opportunity
to kind of think about and
exercise some of the technical
stuff that we've covered so far,
focusing especially on
a good solid warmup.
Before you actually sing
the song I want you to take
the time to use some of
the vocal warmup exercises,
maybe some blubber lips, [SOUND] A little,
Scaled on different vows.
Whatever works for you,
a good five minutes worm up at least.
So I want you to be warmed up and
thinking about some of the technical end,
keeping yourself relaxed, mostly for
a healthy approach to singing this song,
cuz it's a bit of a challenge.
Got a little bit of a rangy melody.
So I want you to be warmed up and
I want you to be relaxed before you
submit this video, before you sing.
So that you don't hurt yourself and
you get to enjoy it.
Much more important to me
than the technical stuff is
touching on some of the things that
we've talked about emotionally.
Especially with making
yourself vulnerable.
And counting on the fact that you can,
with confidence,
breathe and sing and accomplish
everything technically that you want to.
But making your primary focus
to communicate with me,
to tell me a story with this song.
To make me feel something so
that we can share together the emotion
that you want me to feel as you
sing Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.
Really looking forward
to hearing you sing.
Warm up.
Be healthy and safe.
And I look forward to hearing you.