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Country Vocals Lessons: Working in Modal - Resonance Exercise

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This is a simple exercise
to help us identify
the feeling of chest voice.
And then really connect with the change
of resonance that we're wanting to create
as we move into these transitional
notes between our chest and head voice.
I'm gonna start on a B flat.
Guys you'd want to start
probably on E flat or
F and work this exercise on your own.
But here's what I'm gonna be thinking
about, I'm gonna start on an E vowel, but
as I get up into the top note of this five
note scale I'm going to open to an Ahhh.
An Ahhh with my tongue forward,
Ahhh and relaxed.
And my yawn happening,
where I can really feel
my resonant chamber,
my soft palate opening up and space being
created inside my head and
above my throat.
And in a very relaxed way I'll
be going from an E to an Ahhh,
we're gonna go up five notes and back down
opening up to an Ahhh on the top note.
You can hear I'm
almost putting a Y
That helps keep my
tongue forward, and
the sounds spinning
in resonance towards the front,
towards my mask and
behind my eyes.
Really having to concentrate
now to make sure that space
opens up in the back of my head,
all the way back to the back of my skull.
I wanna try to imagine
Then as I come down,
I'm keeping the resonance
in the same place and
the focus through my eyes and my nose.
up to a D flat.
That only happens if I
have very open space
in my resonant cavity
of my soft palate that
keeps me from grabbing with my throat,
and pinching those notes out.
If your neck and
shoulders get engaged at all,
you're working against yourself and
you're likely gonna damage your cords so.
[SOUND] One more time.
those on
your own.