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Country Vocals Lessons: Your Personal Practice Routine

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You have accomplished so much.
We are approaching the end of level one.
Congratulations, you are rocking along.
This lesson,
we are going to gear you up to submit
your complete first draft,
say, of your personal practice routine.
If you'll remember, back at the beginning
we set as a goal for level one that by
the end of level one you would have
developed your personal practice routine.
And we want that to include every
time you get ready to sing,
every time you approach either a gig,
or a lesson, or
just your own personal time to
work on your skills as a singer,
a vocalist, a musician that you would
map out time to do these things.
First, that you would warm up,
that's always the first step.
Again, like you did kind of
a practice session before.
Just an exercise
in using some of the warm-up
techniques that we've talked about.
Five to seven,
ten minutes depending on how you feel,
how healthy you are,
how long it's been since you sung.
So you wanna develop a chunk
of warm-up exercises.
Then you wanna spend at least a little bit
of time working your skills as musicians.
So practicing sight singing,
practicing ear training on intervals.
Chords, playing through some scales,
playing through chords.
Spending some time with
an instrument of your choice.
So a warm-up technique.
You wanna have some contribution
to your song journal.
It's a great time as part of your personal
practice routine to either look up a song,
look up the lyric to a song
you've always wanted to learn.
And start its entry in your song journal.
Or perhaps you've got
a song in there already.
You've got the lyric and some information,
but you wanna know a little more about
the song before you present it or
before you start digging into it.
Or a song you've sung for years, and you
just wanna know a little more about it.
So you go do a little research and
add personal notes or
information into your song journal.
And then the final step of any
personal practice routine.
After you have warmed up,
you've practiced technique,
you've worked on your song journal,
and then you sing.
Sing through material that you love, sing
through a song you're trying to learn.
Do your work, but then always give
yourself a few minutes to cool down.
So that could be anything
from a savasana yoga pose,
like the one that I showed you
in the Yoga for Singers lesson.
Where you literally lay flat on your
back and just meditate and breathe.
Think about your breathing,
kind of stabilize your breathing.
Or it could just be as simple
as sitting in your chair.
And really getting your posture aligned.
And your back and spine nice and straight.
And just sitting and
spending just three minutes
with your eyes closed, [SOUND] breathing.
Great moment to give yourself
any time you have spent
a session working as a vocalist and
a musician.
So what I'm looking for
from this submission is you demonstrating.
Like you showing me an example of
your personal practice routine.
Give me a few minutes of warm-ups
that you think really work for you.
You can ask any questions in
the video in that time period.
Am I doing this right, what would you
recommend here, or am I missing something?
Any feedback that you'd like to have,
let me know.
I'd like to either see the work
that you've done on site singing,
if you have an instrument
that you can play.
So give me a little example
of some of your technical
work that you make part of your
personal practice routine.
Or you can just tell me about it.
I usually sit at the piano, and
I sight-read for ten minutes.
Or just share with me what you do.
Share with me a song journal
entry looks like for you.
Just kinda let me see what
your song journal looks like.
And what kind of information you've
put in, what song you chose to enter.
And then just take a minute to,
even just for 15, 20 seconds.
Just get into a posture of relaxation,
meditation, and cool-down at the end.
And submit that as this lesson's
video submission showing me your
personal practice routine.