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Country Vocals Lessons: Chest Voice Resonance - “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”

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I'm going to perform
Blue Eyes Crying in
the Rain in a key of C.
To just give a little bit of
demonstration of how I manage these
transitional notes between my
chest voice and my head voice.
I'm gonna sing in full chest voice,
so a strong kind of chesty tone.
When I get to the high notes,
which in the key of C are A and B flat.
So those are right in
the middle of the transition
between chest and head voice for me.
Here are the things that I'm
gonna be thinking about.
I'm gonna be thinking
about opening the vocal
resonance cavity of my throat,
my soft palate.
I'm gonna try to imagine a balloon
just opening up in my head
making more space for that sound.
Bringing my tongue forward so that I focus
the resonance more towards my eyes and
And trying not to interrupt
the airflow with the consonance.
The high notes in this B section of Blue
Eyes Crying in the Rain or love is like,
so I'm interrupting my air
flow with that luh consonant.
Love is like a dying ember, only memories,
so when I get to those high
notes with the consonant L,
I'm gonna be thinking about
using a nice soft consonant luh.
With my tongue nice and forward and
gently against my teeth.
So I'm not [NOISE].
I'm not clamping down.
The harder the consonant, the more
restriction of air flow I'm gonna create.
And on these high notes, when you're
making this transition between your chest
and head voice, you wanna keep your air
flow as smooth and consistent as possible.
So, those are the things that
I'm gonna be thinking about.
See if you can identify
me thinking about those
things while I sing
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.