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Country Vocals Lessons: Congratulations - Level 1 Completed

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you did it.
You are on the last lesson of level one,
which is a big chunk of the vocal course.
You've done great work.
I'm really happy for you, look at
how much you've accomplished so far.
You have learned how your
instrument works mechanically,
physiologically, and
how to take care of it.
You've actually seen your vocal cords,
or at least my vocal cords in action.
You have seen how vocal cords function.
And you've heard a lot of great
information about how to stay healthy,
how to always respect your instrument,
never do anything that's gonna hurt.
You're in a great place now to take
excellent care of your instrument and
your whole being,
physically as a human being.
Great job on all of that.
You have also learned how to
approach your work like a pro and
not fall victim to the chick singer
syndrome or the prima donna syndrome.
You are thinking like a musician.
You are respecting yourself and
your skills, and
the other musicians that you're going to
be working with, by committing to yourself
that you are going to understand music,
the theory, the application.
Just like any other musician,
who plays guitar or a piano or
any other instrument,
you're treating your physical instrument
with the same kind of respect that
any other instrumentalist does.
And, you've done some really
great work in the spiritual and
emotional aspect of being a performer,
being a singer.
And starting to work towards
being able to open yourself up as
you're performing,
to really make yourself vulnerable and
open a dialog with your audience
instead of just delivering a monologue.
You're really engaging them and
creating a relationship between
you as a performer and
everyone who's listening to you.
Really great work.
Now you're ready to step up to level two.
Lots of great fun stuff in level two.
We're gonna be doing all
kinds of cool tricks,
my favorite part of level two is
digging into the singer's tool belt.
We will be talking about everything from
how to yodel to how to expand your range,
get a couple more notes out of your low
end and add notes to your high end.
Working different registers,
lots of great stuff coming up.
I'm really proud of you.
Really enjoy working with you.
I'll see you at level two.