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Country Vocals Lessons: Bends & Scoops

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Two more very potent tools.
Let's talk about bends and scoops.
We've already heard a lot of
examples of these in the classic
country voice of Patsy Cline.
And you should also listen to country
crooners like Jim Reeves and Jim Ed Brown.
Those of us who are familiar
with Patsy Cline's voice,
we can't even imagine what she would sound
like without the use of bends and scoops.
One of her classic
hits was,
And it's so emotional and gives you
such a keen sense of this just lost,
wobbly disoriented place
where she's just so
in love and
heartbroken that she's falling to pieces.
And her voice with these tools
of these bends and scoops,
all of that is in her performance,
the way she is using her voice.
It just doesn't read
the same when it's,
It's pretty melody, but
Patsy's delivery,
it's those long slow scoops that
give us that disoriented,
overwhelmed, emotional feeling.
So these are very powerful tools.
We're gonna break them down into
the nitty-gritty of definition.
A bend is a jump midsyllable
between two distinct notes.
So like going
That's an example of a bend,
we hear that a lot in Dream.
Remember when we
were listening
The Everly Brothers would
frequently put bends
in the middle of the syllable of
their melodies when they would sing.
And then they would harmonize perfectly in
sync and do those bends at the same time.
You hear those
two distinct notes.
You put that third above harmony with both
of them doing those bends at
the same time, it's very thrilling.
A scoop, on the other hand,
is a sweep up from
one pitch up to another in a slow,
even sweep,
not distinguishing between the notes but
that's a scoop.
is a big
A bend on that
same melody would
So you can play with these bends and
We've got some backing tracks for
Crazy in A,
and Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
in a couple different keys.
Play around with putting
your own scoops at
the beginning of each line,
or up to a particular word.
And find places where you can
bend between one note and
the next up two distinct notes to
practice and play with some bends.