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Country Vocals Lessons: Submit a Video - Phrasing, Diction & Tone

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we've learnt a lot about
phrasing the arc of a phrase,
we've learnt about diction,
clarity, and appropriate diction,
diction that's appropriate for
that context, and tone.
All the options that you
have as a singer to color
the tone to suit the emotional
needs of the song.
What you're trying to communicate.
Now, you get to sing,
put all that stuff to work.
So we have two songs.
We have Crazy By Willie Nelson,
amazing song.
Classic country but
it's transcended far out
into the universe as a pop song,
a jazz song.
It's just a classic and
we have it back in track in the key of A.
So if that key is comfortable for
you, you can choose Crazy.
Or we also have a track for
The Merle Haggard classic Momma Tried.
So that key might be more comfortable for
our male vocalists, but
you are welcome to sing either song
wherever it's comfortable for you.
If you have the means to
accompany yourself, or
have your own backing track and
you'd like to put it in a different key.
And seeing either of those songs
in a key that accompany yourself,
feel free to do that.
But here's what I'll be looking for.
You're going to submit your vocal
over either the backing track or
your own accompaniment of either Crazy,
or Mama Tried.
And what I'll be looking for
is, thoughtful phrasing
that delivers a very clear lyric
that I can understand, but
with diction that's appropriate
to the context of the song.
And I'll be listening for
an open, healthy tone.
Where I can tell that you're relaxed that
your larynx is dropped appropriately and
you're not carrying tension
in your body or your voice.
And I'll be listening for
the use of little textural elements.
Choices that you make as
a singer to introduce
texture into this vocal, this performance.
It might be a little cry or
a little grit somewhere or just a touch.
Or you might choose to deliver
a very smooth pure tone.
It's your choice.
It comes from your desire to communicate.
So, that's your assignment I cannot
wait to hear you sing one of these
classic songs.
Have fun.