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Country Vocals Lessons: Body - Core Strength - Glute Bridges

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These are called glute bridges,
cuz they really focus
on your glute muscles,
it's a very easy way to
work out your glute major
muscle group and
core strength at the same time.
And the stability ball really
helps protect your back.
You basically balance on the ball
with your lower back nice and
supported by the ball and, kind of in
the same position as doing the crunches,
where your upper legs
are parallel to the ground.
And hands behind your head,
neck and shoulders very relaxed,
shoulder blades descending,
pull down your back, down your spine.
And you're gonna do very easy,
simple squats,
where you're rolling back and
forth on the ball,
dropping down as low as you can.
You'll feel a little bit
of burn in your thighs,
and in your glutes, you can do 20 of these
to start with, they're very gentle.
[SOUND] And all the while you're building
core strength cuz you're balancing and
maintaining your position on
this wobbly ball surface.
[SOUND] Those are, glute bridges.