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Country Vocals Lessons: Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Forward Fold

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Forward fold is a great
pose to really stretch your legs.
All of your backbody through your back and
your shoulders and
give you a little bit of an inversion
where your head is actually below
your heart, which is also just
a good circulation stimulant.
This is a pose that you
would start with mountain.
So you would get into your nice,
solid mountain pose, and
then go into a forward fold.
So we'll do a couple here.
Nice solid mountain pose,
feet hip distance apart,
tailbone slightly tucked forward.
Shoulders, neck relaxed, chin neutral.
And a big inhale, arms up,
head slightly up and
we're gonna bend hinge from hips,
all the way down gently
forward until neck and head hanging loose.
When you come up,
just slowly bring yourself up one
vertebrae at a time like you're stacking
your spine one vertebrae at a time.
And then roll your shoulders back and
That's the basic idea.
I'm gonna do it from the side now.
So you wanna stand in your good,
solid mountain pose,
with your feet parallel,
toes pointing exactly forward.
Your thighs engaged and firm.
Your tailbone slightly forward,
so that your spine is nice and
erect, and
your chest is open and expanded.
Your shoulder blades are relaxed and
hanging down,
you can think about holding
buckets in each hand, so
that you're kind of slightly
pulling your shoulder blades down.
And with an inhale you're gonna bring
your arms up, slight tiny back bend.
And then hinge from your hips forward and
gently all the way down till your
fingertips are on the floor or
as close to the floor as you can get and
kind of gently shake your head lose so
that you're not carrying any tension and
your neck just let your head hang.
And then give yourself
a chance to breathe here,
a couple of deep inhalations and
[SOUND] You wanna keep your
thigh muscles engaged.
You don't wanna lock your knees,
your knees can be ever so slightly bent.
And then to come up, we're just gonna
roll up, one vertebrae at a time.
That's a forward fold.