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Country Vocals Lessons: Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Downward Facing Dog

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facing dog.
This is one of my all-time favorite poses.
If I only have five minutes to stretch,
five minutes to do something for
myself, to take a minute for myself,
I will try to do a downward facing dog.
That always starts with a mountain pose.
Again, just to get your spine aligned,
your base nice and solid and
strong, your thighs engaged,
your tailbone tucked slightly forward,
shoulder blades down and relaxed.
And from mountain pose, you will inhale,
come up to that slight back bend,
into a forward fold, and
from there into downward dog.
So here's what it looks like.
Starting with mountain pose.
Tailbone tucked, shoulders down,
chin neutral, like the top
of your spine is being pulled out through
the top of your head, and inhale.
Forward fold as you exhale.
And then just gently place
with your knees bent, hands
shoulder width in front of you with your
index fingers pointing straight forward.
And really spread your hands so
that you can feel the earth with every
part of the surface of your hands.
And then you're gonna step gently back
with each foot with your feet hip distance
apart, toes pointing forward,
feet parallel.
And I like to start by lifting up
on my toes, on the balls of my feet
and pressing back with my arms,
fully engaged.
This is something you really
wanna feel in your arms.
You wanna keep your shoulder blades back,
like your shoulder blades
are moving down your spine,
not hiking up here around your neck.
You wanna keep your shoulder blades
nice and descending down your spine.
Up on your toes and from your toes
you just gently start to press
your shins back toward
the wall behind you.
And you'll feel it stretch all
the way through the back of your legs.
It's not important that you put your heels
on the floor what's important is that you
keep your back straight and
your head and neck relaxed.
So you want your arms
to be pressing forward,
your shins to be pressing back and
your head and
neck to be completely relaxed.
Then gently step forward,
and then roll up as you would from
a forward fold, one vertebrae at a time.
That is downward facing dog.
Two or three of those,
you'll be in good shape.