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Country Vocals Lessons: Submit a Video - Sing a Song of Your Choice

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Wow, what
a lot of great work.
You have really been developing
a strong and diverse tool belt,
done a lot of work with scoops, and
bends, and cries, and yodels, and
up in the stratosphere, and
down in the basement, the power belt.
We've covered a lot of territory and
a lot of tools.
Now, it's your chance to submit a song,
a video of you singing, so
that I can give you
feedback on where you are.
Let me know what you're working on,
tell me what some of your concerns are,
and I look forward to hearing you and
giving you feedback.
We've got several backing tracks of
different songs that you can use in
different keys, or you can accompany
yourself, or you can bring your own
backing track, or you can sing acapella,
as long as you can have a pitch reference
somewhere so that we can have
a pitch reference to work within.
It's your choice.
I look forward to hearing you sing and
to giving you feedback.