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Country Vocals Lessons: Congratulations - Level 2 Completed

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Country Vocals

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Congratulations, you have done some
amazing and very challenging work.
You studied some country icons.
You have exercised some fundamentals
of pitch and phrasing and tone.
You've learned how to
approach singing harmony.
You have sung harmony.
You sung melody while
someone else sings harmony.
Goodness, you've identified and built
up your collection of powerful tools.
Everything from scoops and
bends and cries and
yodels to that essential
power belt technique.
You've learned the Nashville
number system, so
you can write your own charts now
in the Nashville number system.
And you've learned a lot about singing
live and using proper mic technique
on microphones, monitors, and
being attuned to the space that you're in.
It's a lot of great work you
have completed the intermediate
level of the vocal course,
See you in level three.