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Country Vocals Lessons: Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Child's Pose

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This is called child's pose.
It's a great decompression, destressor,
especially if you've done a little
series of more active poses.
It's a great way to [COUGH] calm back
down and prepare to end your practice.
In this pose, you sit on your feet
with your knees together and forward.
Very relaxed,
with your tail bone resting on your heels
and your spine nice and
straight again, you're imagining
your spine being pulled up,
straight up through the top of your head.
Shoulder and neck completely relaxed,
can roll those shoulders back.
To get into child's pose,
you will, keeping your feet
together separate your knees and
walking your hands out one and
a time, drop your torso
down in between your knees.
Let your back and spine drop and
relax right in the middle of your legs
[SOUND] and then take a few breaths.
Deep inhalations through your nose and
then back out through your nose.
To get out
of child's pose,
just gently lift,
and walk your
hands back in.
That's child's pose.