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Country Vocals Lessons: Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Tree Pose

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Tree Pose is another great
focusing pose and good for balance.
And there's something really
focusing about giving yourself
an opportunity to practice balancing.
This is a simple pose, it's fun,
and it's very relaxing, and
I use it to kind of get centered or
bring my attention.
Sometimes if I'm really scattered in
my thinking I'll go into Tree Pose
just to really bring my attention
into my body, into my instrument.
Tree Pose starts with Mountain Pose.
You wanna that nice strong base
with your feet spread out,
toes spread out on the ground,
your feet parallel, the inner edges
of your feet pointing forward.
Your kneecap slighted lifted and
your thighs engaged,
tailbone tucked, pelvis rotated ever so
slightly forward.
And pulling your shoulders back, rotating
them back, and dropping them down your
spine so that you're very relaxed
in your neck and shoulders.
So you start with Mountain Pose.
And we're gonna start on our right foot.
We're gonna put all of our
weight on the right foot.
Rotate the left knee out and bring,
standing on your right foot,
bring your left foot up inside.
Plant it against your inner right thigh,
that you're balancing on your right foot,
keeping that right leg like a pillar
planted in the Earth, so that all of your
weight is going from your right foot,
nice and straight,
all the way up through your head.
Take your left hand and
pull your left knee slightly out so
that it's not coming forward,
you want it to be perpendicular.
Your knee perpendicular to your right
leg and your knee pointing straight out.
And then once you feel like you're
grounded and you have your balance,
take your hands in Prayer Position
against your collarbone,
just underneath your collarbone.
And breathe,
deeply, inhaling into
your lowest lower belly,
middle chest, upper chest,
filling every cavity of your lungs.
And then a complete exhale.
One big inhale.
If you're comfortable there,
and you want to take it one
step further, you can raise your hands and
grow the tree.
Keeping your shoulder blades down and
then back.
And then just step back
into Mountain Pose,
rotate your shoulders back, and
then you would move to the other side.
Getting Mountain Pose nice and solid.
Nice wide base, tailbone tucked,
shoulders back.
Head rising to the sky.
Rotate that right knee out,
get your base nice and solid,
all your weight transferred
to your left leg.
And then tuck that right foot nice and
tight, pressing your
right foot into your leg.
That will help you gain your balance, by
applying the tension against one another.
Let your left leg push
against your right foot, and
your right foot push into your left leg.
And then take your right hand and
just make sure that your
right knee is pointing out.
And when you're nice and balanced, you
can bring your hands to Prayer Position.
Couple of big
And back, and
slowly step back into Mountain.
>> It's Tree Pose.
>> [MUSIC]